Hey, I’m Rense

Highly experienced tech lead

Past role – 2020

Director of I.T. Operations A.I. @ Taglio LLC

Planning, architecting, building and physically deploying a couple of enterprise cloud solutions.


Past role – 2020

Head of Technology at CoolGames

CoolGames publishes hundreds of HTML5 casual games for desktop and devices. The in-house studio develops quality multiplayer HTML5 games for a wide selection of social platforms.
As the Head of Tech, I managed the game development frontend-, backend-, QA- and operations- teams.

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Current pet project – 2018

Founder at Cola!

Scratching my itch; building the JIRA-killer. A Full-fledged, responsive project management application with realtime collaboration. I've been working on this baby for more than a year and user feedback has been pretty good so far. If you like Kanban, you'll like Cola!

Contact me for more info or an invite.

AMMO Sites

Current role

Founder at AMMO

I run a shop for application research, design and development, providing support and services to startups and scale-ups.
The name started as Another Massive Multiplayer Online game engine-name a decade ago, and it stuck around.

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Past role – 2018

Tech Lead at Fibonacci

Built a recruitment matching engine that matches candidates and vacancies based on competencies, skills and a lot more. Developed a fast MVP engine and fullstacked a complete responsive application and marketing website too, together with Tom Reitsma. I've never seen that many forms in my life. This was a cool project. I hope they find their market-fit soon.

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Past role – 2018

CTO and co-founder at Applyr

This was a lot of fun. I co-founded, designed and developed Applyr recruiter chatbots, together with Stephen Parkins and Michael DeFazio. “An easy-to-use Artificial Intelligence solution for corporate recruitment.” A startup funded by VentureBuilders Capital. Shut down when the time to find a market fit ran out at the same time the Big Four announced their chatbot services.

Past role – 2017

Technical Architect at Bynder

Invited by John Kraal I worked on hardening and optimising Bynders' digital asset management workflow and pipelines. Talk about open office floor-plans...


Past role – 2016

Senior Lead Developer at DuckWorld

We took care of the awesome DuckWorld Adventures game. Server engine, backend APIs and frontend Unity3D client development. We also redid the DuckTypen game backend and built the dutch websites for Donald Duck magazine, Duckipedia and Tina.

DuckWorld is still around for kids with a magazine subscription.

Go play DuckWorld!

Past role – 2014

Technical Lead and Developer Team Lead at Play Like a Champion

Built backend/APIs, game engine and frontend clients for prediction- and fantasy league sports games. Doing the FOX-Sports Profcoach game, we learned a lot about real server load on a friday-night. We also built the voetbalflitsen.nl web app.

The Profcoach game was shut down in 2019.

Layar Logo

Past role – 2013

Server Team Lead and Senior Backend Developer at Layar

Layar created one of the first mobile augmented reality browsers. My team and I built and maintained the complete server backend with mobile device APIs, image recognition clusters and online editor suite.
In June 2014, Layar was acquired by the UK company Blippar. The Layar office in Amsterdam was closed down in 2016.

Read about Layar on Wikipedia

Past role – 2013

Server Team Lead and Senior Backend Developer at Stiktu

Five years before Pokemon Go, we were already doing awesome stuff with Augmented Reality and Image Recognition at Layar.

One of the projects was Stiktu. With this app the user was allowed to tag – post stencil-graffiti on – an item or a location. My team and I developed and deployed the server backend, with mobile device APIs and image recognition clusters.

Read about Stiktu in this old TNW article

stiktu logo.png


Past role – 2010

Team Lead at Hyves Games v1.0

Ah, the good old Flash days...

We built a Casual Multiplayer Game Engine, dubbed Loki, that ended up being the first Hyves games portal, hosting over a million multiplayer games per week. This was in 2009, when Hyves was still a big social network in the Netherlands and multiplayer casual gaming was a new thing.

We built seven realtime multiplayer casual games as proofs of concept for this Loki engine. Then we had exactly two months to take that system to production and it became the original Hyves Games platform. Fun times.

Hyves is now just a Game Portal (2013, article in dutch)

Past role – 2006

Lead Developer at Woedend!

A vibrant creative agency back then located on the top floor of Magna Plaza in the middle of Amsterdam. We built many many digital presentations, websites and web-shops.

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